Garbin winery and vineyards

We have a production plant with a storage capacity for 40,000,000 litres.

We fraction and commercialize table wines in Tetra Brik Pico De Oro, Concilio, Viñas y Parrales and El Tejano and the bottled lines Viñas y Parrales Selección, Concilio De Oro across Argentina using our own warehouses and a wide range of distributors.

All processes are controlled at all times by our Quality Control Department ensuring reliable wines.


Our fractioning plant is fitted with high-technology machinery that furnish the freshest and most genuine products.

We have evaporation, filtration and packaging equipment including three Tetra Brik lines for 6,000 packages per hour, which yields an aseptic package of 1,000 ml volume capacity. This type of package maintains the original characteristics of the product and allows for a longer shelf life. Presentation is in a baseline format with an opening by perforation. We also have a bottle line that allows bottle fractioning with different volume capacities.

The latest breakthrough technology we have introduced is a cooling piece of equipment for the appropriate quality control of the final product, especially for wines for export.

We also have an infrastructure that allows dispatch under regular and peak circumstances.


At Bodegas y Viñedos Garbín S.A. we started exporting continuously and increasingly in December 2001. Until then, we had made some minor exports but the company's strategic decision to develop foreign trade was made in 2003.

At that moment, we started analyzing different countries and adapting the products to the demands of each specific destination in order to determine the potential introduction and growth in each country.

Thus, in late 2001, we started exporting our product lines: wines in different presentations - bottle of 700 cc; bottle of 750 cc and Tetra Brik of 750 cc and 1 lt - to different countries.

Foreign Trade Management

Our products are currently exported to the following countries, among others: United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Spain, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Japan.

Since the beginning of the process, we have registered a growth in sales of more than 100% and we intend to continue growing and developing new markets. For that purpose, we participate in fairs and business meetings every year so as to strengthen our foreign market share.